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Always striving to provide the best service and answer any of your questions regarding the project, cooperation and best resources. If you have any questions that aren't included in the FAQ feel free to message me through contact form below and I'll get back to you soon. 

  • On which platforms can you create my website?
    I specialize with Wix platform but I do web design also on: - Lodgify - GoDaddy - Squarespace - Weebly - Clickfunnels - Jimdo - Shopify - Wordpress
  • Why WIX?
    By choosing my offer of creating Wix site for you, you give yourself a chance of affordable presence on the internet. With Wix, you are able to make small changes yourself or let others do it without complicated and expensive coding. With many apps inside Wix I can create the best user experience.
  • Can you recreate my website from other platform with new design on Wix?
    Yes, I can get your content (text, images etc.) from your old website and create a new design.
  • Can I do booking through my wix website?
    Yes. In addition to your WIX plan you need basic package for free or premium which starts from 9.08 USD depending on your needs
  • Do you offer SEO?
    Yes, SEO is an additional service. It’s priced per page and has packages: Basic (free if purchasing web design), Standard or Premium. BASIC includes - Preview on Google (input of page's title on search results and browser tabs, short description, ability to hide specific page from search results (often not used, but if you would like it can be managed), specific page URL (after your website address like: ), page keywords (up to 5), delivery of preview on Google, STANDARD - Basic + SEO up to Wix SEO Wiz standard, PREMIUM - Basic, Standard included + Premium consultation with guidance
  • Do you offer social media set up and management?
    Yes, it's an additional service. Contact me for details.
  • Do you offer content writing for the website and blog?
    Yes, it's an additional service. Contact me for details.
  • How can I get mailbox with my domain name?
    You can get your mail directly with your domain if purchased on Wix, but if you have domain elsewhere it might require different actions. Yearly Plan € 4.08 x 12 months Save 18% Monthly Plan € 4.95 / month Pricing may vary on time and location and is set by WIX. I can assist you with getting your own mailbox and domain name.
  • I want to learn how to design, build, SEO a website etc."
    I can recommend screen sharing coaching sessions and pricing would be per hour. Please let me know full scape of your needs and goals.
  • Can you tell me why should I choose Wix over other platforms?
    Wix is the best and most affordable platforms, always improving and growing. Contact me to confirm it's the best choice for you.
  • What do I need before placing an order?
    You need to fill a form to have a clear picture of your need, have content (text, images, links etc.) and basic vision of what you want. I offer an additional services like branding consultation or creation if you need it. For your convience I created a Google Form which you can fill or just review to get clear step by step questionnaire.
  • I have other question.
    This FAQ is frequently updated and in a process of collecting your questions. Meanwhile please contact me via contact form and sign up for newsletter for updates. Thank you. Have a great day!
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